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Grad Camp (Ages 12-14)

We don’t settle for OK, we make our Grad Camp adventures memorable! One of the things we are most proud of at Pepperhill is our commitment to change. We believe that Grad campers grow and develop best in an environment that is dynamic and responsive to their evolving needs, yet always with the healthy limits set for safety and responsible living.

Grad camp is where 12, 13, and 14 year-olds come together for learning and improving camp activity skills, allowing more power of choice to their camp schedule. Grads also enjoy crazy, zany, and fun events. A lot of their own ideas generate their special activities. It is an opportunity for campers to get involved in work and to discover that an extra effort along with a positive attitude makes a difference!

 Sample Grad Camp Schedule

Monday and Fridays Grads enjoy the regular camp schedule.

Tuesday Afternoons are set aside for travel. Trips may include miniature golf, roller skating, bowling, or perhaps a movie on rainy days!

Wonderful Wednesday is learning how to cook time!

1st Thursday of a session is held at the camp with a designated time and place for pickup.

2nd Thursday is an afternoon adventure away from camp.

3rd Wednesday & Thursday are for the Grad Travel Trips, noted on the seasonal information. The Grad camp counselor sends a memo to the parents, brought home by the camper, regarding weekly events. This memo includes all necessary information and activity release forms required.

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