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Pepperhill is committed to enriching children's lives through friendship, learning and play. Our motto is "A PLACE WHERE CHILDREN CAN LEARN, WORK AND PLAY". Pepperhill strives to develop a culture of cohesiveness and community that help to make the child feel safe, secure and ready to thrive and grow. In nurturing surroundings, teachers and counselors facilitate children's social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Our goal is to help children make the most of their promise and potential talents. As children experience a mix of directed activities and child selected activities, children learn to make good choices, Learning the power of choice Is an important life skill. As children progress through Pepperhill's dynamic programs they learn skills that last a lifetime.

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Staff Application

How would you like to have an exciting summer working at Pepperhill Camp this summer?
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Camper Groups

Pepperhill Day Camp offers Three 3 week sessions during the summer. We have four levels for campers divided by age levels.
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